Blimp is a resident of the Swamp in Prehistoria, and an expert on Mud Peppers.


The Hero found Blimp's home in the swamp being attacked by a serpent, the Salabog. The hero destroyed the Salabog, and Blimp gave him a Mud Pepper and allowed the hero to rest in his hut as thanks.

When the Volcano erupted and the swamp was subsequently flooded out, Blimp used swamp gas and essence of Mud Peppers to float to safety down the river, arriving in Antiqua. He set up a new home in a cave in the Cliff east of Crustacia. When the hero arrived in Antiqua, he met up with Blimp, who opened the path to the Desert of Doom for him to go to Nobilia and look for the Dog.


Blimp Sprite

Blimp gives the player a Mud Pepper as thanks for defeating Salabog. If the player even uses up their Mud Pepper and needs a new one, he will give them one for free if they revisit his hut.

In Antiqua, he gives the player the Crush formula when first met, and later gives them Revive when they return from Nobilia with the dog.


In Antiqua, Blimp sells the player alchemy ingredients. He is the only merchant in the game to sell Mud Peppers, Bone, and Limestone.

Ash 60 Jewels
Crystal 80 Jewels
Bone 120 Jewels
Limestone 120 Jewels
Mud Pepper 300 Jewels
Oil 60 Jewels
Water 40 Jewels
Wax 60 Jewels


Blimp Outside Cave

It is possible to buy ingredients from him outside his cave in Antiqua. This is only possible once when you receive the Crush formula and both Blimp and the player are standing outside.

This alchemist is an NPC that gives the player two alchemy formulas. Strong Heart, Blimp, Madronius, the Drain alchemist, Sidney Ruffleberg and the Chessboard alchemist make up for a total of six such NPCs.