Ash is an alchemy ingredient and one of the earliest used in the game.

Ash is used in many formulas throughout the game, both attack and support formulas. Fortunately alchemists in several regions sell Ash, so the player can keep their stock high. Water and Ash are the two most used and sold ingredients in the game, both used in 7 formulas and sold by 8 merchants.

Formulas[edit | edit source]

Merchants[edit | edit source]

The Acid Rain alchemist and the Volcano Slopes alchemist in the Volcano crater sell Ash at the cheapest price. The alchemists in Gothica are the most expensive, since with the exchange rate the player is paying four times as much as they did to the Prehistoria alchemists.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The player can find an infinite supply of ash at the bonfire in front of Elizabeth's hut. The player needs to enter this room again in order for it to respawn, however. In a normal playthrough, the player can expect to gather a handful of extra Ash because of this.

After defeating Thraxx, if the player talks to Elizabeth, she will give the player their first 6 Call Beads and show their power by making the fire outside her hut catch fire in a small explosion. The Ash at the bonfire can be looted one last time after this, but will never respawn again. The player must be wary of this fact.

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