Aquagoth is an aquatic boss fought in the Oglin Caves in Antiqua. It is the final boss faced in the region before going to Gothica. Upon defeating it, the player quickly arrives in Ivor Tower South.


Aquagoth (Concept Art)

Concept art.

Aqua is immobile and stays in the middle of the area. Tiny Tentacles erupt around it, moving clockwise in a wave. Stationary Tentacles also support it, and Sparklers move around the arena. Aquagoth itself attacks with a weak Lightning Storm, Corrosion, and Confound.

The player should focus on killing the two Tentacles in front of Aquagoth so they can attack Aquagoth itself without much fear of counterattacks. Watch the waves of Tiny Tentacles and move to avoid them, then go back and keep attacking. The Sparklers move in erratic patterns, so not much can be done to avoid them. Aquagoth's damage output is not very high, even with its support minions, so it should fall without much difficulty.

Player improvementEdit

The player earns 5,000 experience and jewels from the battle, and receives a bit of Honey. If they already have 6 Honey, they will go over the limit to have 7, the maximum that can be carried at once since this is the only time Honey is given as a reward


Aquagoth's name is likely a combination of Antiqua and Gothica, as the player must defeat it to move between the two regions. Its name also includes the word "aqua," the Latin word for water. It might also be a reference to monsters from H. P. Lovecraft's Mythos, many of which have names that end with "-oth".