Alchemy is the equivalent of a magic system in Secret of Evermore.

Unlike traditional RPG magic systems, Evermore does not use MP for alchemy. Each alchemy formula is made on the spot by combining the necessary ingredients to create a reaction. The player is not able to freely combine alchemy ingredients, though. Numerous characters make livings as alchemists, developing formulas and gathering ingredients to sell to other practitioners.

Every alchemy formula uses a combination of 2 ingredients. This combination is usually realistic in terms of science and chemistry. Every formula also has a unique combination, except for Reflect and Force Field, which share the same ingredient combination (but do differ in ingredient amount required).

There are two types of alchemy: light (curative and support) and dark (offensive). The player is able to equip up to nine alchemy formulas at a time; current formulas can be changed when visiting an alchemist, or certain other characters. Receiving a new formula also allows the player to change their equipped formulas freely. A formula cannot be used until it is learned, even if the player knows and has the proper ingredients.

The leaders of Evermore are also able to cast powerful alchemy by use of Call Beads.

Alchemy Extra Notes Edit

It is possible to have no formulas equipped. This will be the case at the start of the game but it is also possible to never equip any formulas. This will remove the alchemy screen of the Hero when trying to display it.

It is also possible to beat the game without ever equipping any alchemy formulas. Normally this would not be possible as Levitate is a forced requirement (two times; in Prehistoria and in Antiqua) but through certain exploits with the Dog, this requirement can be bypassed.

All alchemy and Call Bead formulas have an icon with the same visual mechanic, they have two icon states. The icon switches between both states every 0.25 seconds (0.25sec for most icons). There is one exception to this, Disrupt has 4 icon states. Each icon is made up of 16 by 16 pixels, for a total of 256 pixels in a square.

Alchemy Leveling TableEdit

All alchemy formulas can be trained, and most of them will have increased effectiveness when leveled up. Some formulas never become stronger, though. These are as follows: Cure, Levitate, Revealer, Escape, One Up, Super Heal, Reflect, Force Field, Stop, Call Up and Energize. For a total of 11 formulas, or 32% of the total 34.

Note that Call Bead spells cannot be leveled up, either.

Level Raise Times Total
0 raise :10 ea. 10 times
1 raise :05 ea. 20 times 30 total
2 raise :04 ea. 25 times 55 total
3 raise :03 ea. 34 times 89 total
4 raise :02 ea. 50 times 139 total
5 raise :02 ea. 50 times 189 total
6 raise :01 ea. 100 times 289 total
7 raise :01 ea. 100 times 389 total
8 raise :01 ea. 100 times 489 total
9 raise :01 ea. 100 times 589 total (588*)

In reality, the maximum level is 9:98 and not 9:99, which is obtained after casting the alchemy formula 588 times.

Unobtainable FormulasEdit

Some formulas cannot be obtained anymore once a certain event has happened, either the NPC has moved or his location has become inaccessible.

This applies to these formulas: Escape, Explosion, Lance (Alchemy), Fire Power, Revealer and Speed. If the player has abused certain progress exploits with the dog, he can also skip receiving Flash and Levitate, making them unobtainable if they have progressed too far into the game. Heal can also be skipped, but can always be reobtained later.

If the player has beaten Aegis before unlocking Drain, to then go and unlock Double Drain from the same alchemist, the alchemist will only give Double Drain at first. But if the player enters his cave again, he will give Drain and ask the player how they got rid of the barrier blocking the entrance. Logically, this makes little sense, but this happens because of how the game code is made. This means Drain can always be unlocked and does not become unobtainable.

Least Formula CollectionEdit

Without cheating a player will always have at least 1 formula unlocked; Lightning Storm (always given by Gomi after defeating Sterling). Through normal gameplay, the player will also unlock Flash, Heal and Levitate, Crush and Call Up for a total of 6. This can be avoided as stated in their respective pages, however.

List of FormulasEdit

There are a total of 34 alchemy formulas (and 1 dummy formula). 18 formulas are defensive/light ones which help the player in a certain way, be it healing, buffing Stats, allowing progress, etc. The other 16 formulas are offensive/dark ones, which all deal damage (except Stop) and sometimes have a secondary effect like add damage over time, heal the player for the damage dealt, etc.

In alphabetical order:

Formula Icon Ingredients Effect Acquired
Acid Rain Acid Rain Ash x1, Water x3 Deals damage - locks the target for a long time Sandpits
Atlas Atlas Ash x1, Atlas Amulet x1 Raises Strength Nobilia
Barrier Barrier Limestone x1, Bone x2 Restores some HP and prevents physical damage Nobilia
Call Up Call Up Meteorite x1, Dry Ice x1 Creates a Call Bead Ruffleberg's Lab
Corrosion Corrosion Mushroom x1, Water x3 Deals damage over time Ivor Tower Sewers
Crush Crush Limestone x1, Wax x1 Deals damage - locks the target for a medium time Cliff
Cure Cure Root x2, Oil x1 Restores status Southern Jungle
Nobilia Marketplace
Defend Defend Clay x1, Ash x1 Raises defense Fire Eyes' Village
Double Drain Double Drain Ethanol x2, Vinegar x2 Deals damage and restores user's HP - locks the target for a short time Western Bank
Drain Drain Ethanol x1, Root x2 Deals damage and restores user's HP - locks the target for a short time Western Bank
Energize Energize Crystal x1, Iron x1 Rapidly charges weapon energy Ruffleberg's Lab
Escape Escape Wax x1, Vinegar x1 Return to the entrance of dungeons Horace's Camp
Explosion Explosion Ethanol x2, Ash x1 Deals damage - locks the target for a medium time Ebon Keep Castle
Fireball Fireball Brimstone x1, Ash x2 Deals damage - locks the target for a medium time Hall of Collosia
Fire Power Fire Power Feather x1, Brimstone x1 Deals damage - locks the target for a medium time Ivor Tower Castle
Flash Flash Wax x1, Oil x2 Deals damage - locks the target for a medium time Fire Eyes' Village
Force Field Force Field Grease x1, Iron x1 Negates damage from next attack Chessboard
Hard Ball Hard Ball Crystal x1, Clay x1 Deals damage - locks the target for a short time Bugmuck
Heal Heal Root x1, Water x1 Restores HP Mammoth Graveyard
Lance Lance Iron x1, Acorn x1 Deals damage - locks the target for a very short time Ivor Tower
Levitate Levitate Water x1, Mud Pepper x1 Levitate and move boulders Volcano Slopes
Lightning Storm Lightning Storm Iron x1, Ash x2 Deals damage - locks the target for a medium time Gomi Tower
Miracle Cure Miracle Cure Root x2, Vinegar x1 Restores status and HP Southern Jungle
Nitro Nitro Gunpowder x1, Grease x2 Deals damage - locks the target for a medium time Ebon Keep Castle
One Up One Up Feather x1, Root x1 Fully restores Hero's HP Dark Forest
Reflect Reflect Grease x2, Iron x1 Reflects alchemy attacks Junkyard
Regrowth Regrowth Acorn x1, Water x2 Restores HP over time Ebon Keep
Revealer Revealer Ash x2, Wax x1 Reveals invisible paths Horace's Camp
Revive Revive Root x3, Bone x1 Revives the Dog Cliff
Slow Burn Slow Burn Iron x1, Brimstone x1 Deals damage over time Ebon Keep Castle
Speed Speed Wax x1, Water x2 Raises evasion Volcano
Sting Sting Water x2, Vinegar x1 Deals damage - locks the target for a medium time Desert of Doom
Stop Stop Wax x2, Crystal x1 Paralyzes enemies for 8 seconds Chessboard
Super Heal Super Heal Ethanol x2, Acorn x1 Fully restores HP of Hero and Dog Ebon Keep Castle

In chronological order (optimal route):

Prehistoria: Flash, Hard Ball, Acid Rain, Cure, Defend, Heal, Levitate, Speed

Antiqua: Crush, Sting, Atlas, Revive, Revealer, Fireball, Drain, Escape, Double Drain

Gothica: Lance, Corrosion, Fire Power, One Up, Regrowth, Super Heal, Slow Burn, Explosion, Lightning Storm

Antiqua backtrack: Barrier & Prehistoria backtrack: Miracle Cure

Omnitopia: Reflect, Call Up

Gothica backtrack: Nitro, Force Field, Stop

Omnitopia backtrack: Energize

Dummied formulasEdit

One formula that was implemented in the game still exists in the coding in an unfinished state: Laser. This formula uses the same alchemy icon as that of Levitate and uses 1 Limestone and 1 Brimstone, but has no effect.


  • It is actually possible to view/change your currently equipped formulas, even if you do not have any unlocked yet. The game will briefly try to open the unlocked formula menu but quickly close it again as if the player had closed it themselves. This is only possible by using cheats, however.
  • There are two different animations when the boy mixes an alchemy formula: for light, he casts the formula into the air; for dark, he smashes it to the ground.

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