CG image of the Aeroglider

The Aeroglider is a space shuttle and flying craft constructed in Omnitopia.


The Hero used the Aeroglider to leave Omnitopia at the start of the game, but the control panel malfunctioned and the craft crashed in Prehistoria.

Upon the hero's return to Omnitopia, another Aeroglider was made available to use as a flying craft.


The Aeroglider is able to move freely on the world map, though it can only ascend so high. When descended close enough to the ground, the view shifts from third-person to an overhead view, to allow the player more precise movement relative to the ground.

Unlike the Windwalker, the Aeroglider can fly to and from Omnitopia. When landed somewhere on Evermore, the player will be given the option to return to Omnitopia when they board the Aeroglider. The Aeroglider docks at Ruffleberg's Lab on Omnitopia.

The Aeroglider can only land in designated clearings marked by fire pits visible from the air. The landing spots are as follows:


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"High in the Sky"
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